I would love some feedback on this email

Hi Everyone,

So in my latest pursuit, I am trying to find doctors who will either allow me to shadow or assist in some kind of research project. I’m sort of “cold calling–or cold emailing,” and I am very new to it.

What do you guys think of the following? Please honest feedback if you have time to read it.

“Good Afternoon Dr.XXXX

I am writing you to express my interest in volunteer opportunies assisting in your office, ideally as it pertains to research. After reviewing your research interests and your professional portfolio, I would love an opportunity to contribute my skills to your research team.

I am a non-traditional student, currently pursing pre-medical post baccalaurate coursework, with the goal of obtaining an MD or DO, progressing towards a career in family medicine. I recieved my undergraduate degree in Psychology and I am interested in medicine that focuses on minority healthcare and barriers to treatment, patient education/ disease management, and women’s health.

I am active volunteer with Rape Victim Advocates, providing short-term medical advocacy, legal advocacy, and crisis intervention counseling for families and survivors of sexual assault. Additionally, I have completed training to become a certified prevention educator. Within this role, I work with diverse populations and address a variety of questions pertaining to gender roles and sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, discrimination and barriers to treatment legal assistance, and rape trauma syndrome.

I am also employed as an Intake Coordinator, where I perform intake of new physician/patient referrals, record sensitive patient information in a clinical database, and educate patients on disease management. Within this role, I assist clinical staff in reviewing various procedures, and interface daily with patients and healthcare providers to obtain and verify clinical information.

Please let me know if there is any additional information I can provide. I look forward to an opportunity to discuss my qualifications in greater depth.”

Thanks everyone. I appreciate any advice you can give.

Looks fine. Most hospitals have a medical education department that you can contact and they will hook you up with a Dr to spend time with.

Also once you start volunteering you’ll meet tons of Doctors and can ask them in person. From my experience docs are really happy to spend time with people interested in medicine and finding some to shadow isn’t tough.

I agree with HeyEveryone that once you start volunteering you can get to know docs and then it’s easier to approach the subject of shadowing once you know them and they know you.

I am shadowing a doctor right now through a premed mentoring program at my school sponsored by the County Medical Society. So, definitely check out your local medical societies and see if they have a program or list of docs willing to be shadowed. Professional organizations for specialties would be another option. I tried a “cold call and cold email approach” once with no luck. Everything else came through the premed program or people who knew people. My mom had her knee scoped late last year and lo and behold I ended up shadowing her orthopedic surgeon for a day in the OR and it was a blast! Sometimes just asking your own doc or people you know is a great way to make your way in. Most physicians are more than happy to let you tag along and answer your questions and give you some great insight into the career. So, just ask!

Best of luck!