I would really appreciate advice regarding an AAMC Investigation details in post

In early August I applied for FAP and at the time was in the process of filling out secondaries finishing my summer 2 classes etc etc. I apparently filled out on the form that I had no living parents which is untrue. I had everywhere else on every other form my mother (who is my only living relative) marked as alive and her information. At the time I read the question as do you live with your parents and or do you have any parental income to report. I marked know for them and moved on. I then was asked for forms to submit and before submitting them all read that AAMC does not retroactively refund for anything you have purchased. Since I had already purchased everything I would want from them I did not submit the requested forms and forgot all about it.

Fast forward to yesterday I receive an email that states I was under investigation for fraudulent claims on my FAP form. Until this point, I had no idea that the question even asked if my parents were alive. I am a nontrad who is in his 30s and my only parent is my mother who is elderly, disabled, and only means of income is social security. As such I have no reason to have lied about her because her financial information would only BENEFIT my case for aid. I have offered to provide all of my mothers financial statements as proof of what I am saying but they refuse to even accept them. Furthermore, I have not had to disclose my mother’s financial information for well over a decade and am very used to marking “no I do not live with my parents” and “no I do not want to disclose my parent’s finances”.

Another point I would like to add is that because of my not submitting the forms they requested my application was never even processed and is still on hold waiting for the documents.

I called the investigator who was very nice and understanding but was told that even if they agree with me that it was a mistake they will send every school a report of the incident because they deserve to have the correct information. However, my mistake was on a form that is not even sent to the schools… they already have all of the correct information!

I am befuddled and very upset that while I fully admit I made a mistake, it was just one question on the dozens and dozens of forms I have submitted, and on top of that it was one that only HURT me to answer the way I did. It was even on a form that was never processed and all of the other forms that are processed have the correct information.

I am truly mortified this will hurt me and am reaching out to see if anyone has any suggestions. Please if anyone has any idea of how I can fix this situation or even a number to call or someone to email I would very much appreciate it.

Thank you so much

So when I applied to the FAP I also made a mistake about reporting some financial income. They had an option to write an error letter. On the error letter I wrote a brief explanation about why it was a mistake I did reporting something it wasn’t how I put it on the application. There was a format for the error explanation letter an then I submitted another extra document giving them a better explanation. In the mean time my application was on hold and after I submitted all of the documents It took a little over 2 weeks before I received my FAP approval. I know it is not the same situation as yours but maybe can help you. Best wishes for you.