ICU Elective prior to FP Intern year?

Ok, so here’s a question:

My school has a ‘you can only miss 4 days per clerkship month’ policy

which makes scheduling interviews a pain. I’m currently scheduled

for an ICU month during the late Nov/early Dec timeframe (our months

don’t fall on calendar months) and still have 3 additional interviews to schedule with the other months being full.

My question: Should I keep the ICU month or cancel it and take

it as a vacation month to schedule the interviews? So far I’m

9 out of 10 for interviews/applications.

My thinking in scheduling the interview month was to lock Mr. Murphy

in a closet when he snuck up behind me and whispered in

my ear,“Ha, bonehead, your first month and first call night will

be ICU!!”…


I hate those policies!! Unfortunately, so that you have a chance to interview well, you will need the flexibility that the ICU rotation doesn’t give you. This is coming from someone who LOVES working in the ICU.