I'd like to meet with other old ones in the Atlanta area


I’m another Atlanta OPM! Would love to meet. Have you taken the MCAT yet?

Here I am… A class at a time at GSU :slight_smile: Where are you taking your classes? I am also eager to find others in the Atlanta area.

I am getting ready to begin the pre-med postbach classes in Atlanta. I have completed the paperwork for GSU, but noticed that the 2 year college, AMC, also has the classes. I am sure GSUs classes are much more rigorous, but haven’t decided yet. Any advice. Sure would like to keep in contact with you guys.

Hi! Which school is AMC? I went talking to admissions people at Emory and Morehouse schools of Medicine and both sort of discouraged taking classes at community colleges. If you have the money and the time to go to school full time, Agnes Scott has a formal pre-med post-bach program that is 2 years long. I would love to, but I work full time to pay for classes.

I am also in Atlanta. I am currently in the Agnes Scott postbac program.

I’m not in Atlanta, but it would be easier for me to get there than out west or midwest right now.

Thanks for the reply. I work so I guess GSU is the best option. How are you finding the classes. Are you taking the Physics w/ calc?

I have been able to take evening classes at kennesaw state univ (marietta) while working full time. At least organic1/2 has been easy to find (I had trouble finding elsewhere in evenings). I was thinking trying online kaplan mcat prep, has anyone trid it?