If am going to be old, may as well be an old pre-med


Quick bio is I failed spectacularly my first year of college at a small, liberal arts college that just wasn’t a good fit (now over 10 years ago.)

Came home, became a paramedic, worked for a busy city service, started the first year of a nursing program AND had my first child at 23. This was all at a local community college and I had around a 3.0 GPA overall.

Since then life happened. We moved out of state and moved back when our daughter was diagnosed with autism because there were better resources here at the time. Had another child also diagnosed with autism. We worked our butts off getting them help and doing the best we could on one income and paying off debt. My kids made great progress, they’re still autistic but just wonderful kids and they’re worth everything we’ve done even if they will always have some challenges (so take THAT, Miss Doom and Gloom Jenny McCarthy.)

After our third child was born I started taking classes for prereqs for a nursing program, too much time had passed for me to return to my original program. With the waiting lists it should be Spring 2012 before I will start. I chose it because it seemed most practical for my family, and I have an aptitude for health and life sciences.

But I wasn’t happy, in fact I was bored, when I was in nursing school previously. I am not bashing nurses, I just want to know more, if that makes sense. Even my husband doesn’t think I would be happy to spend the rest of my life as a nurse and has encouraged me to think beyond an associates degree. I’ve always wanted to be a doctor. If you told me I won the lottery and could do anything I wanted, I would want to go to medical school. I still haven’t won the lottery but why not still try for medical school?

I’ve decided to continue on with nursing school as planned but take science and general education classes as well, after I graduate ADN I want to transfer to a local state university to continue my bachelors in biochemistry. I am genuinely interested in that course of study, it’s not just a means to an end.

I will have to work at least part-time as an RN, there are certain financial goals I want to meet before applying to med school, for example having no undergrad debt.

So that’s my story, nice to meet everyone. This semester I am taking College Algebra, A+P 1, and Ethics. One semester at time, one goal at a time, I’ll get there.

Welcome to OPM! I love the title of your post. It’s great. Totally sums it up.

Best wishes as you work toward your nursing degree, and then on to your biochem degree. You sound incredibly determined and dedicated to making it happen, which is so important.

Keep posting!

Welcome, you will find that your story parallels many others on this board. Good luck and keep us posted.

Welcome to OPM. I can relate to what your saying I’ve been an LPN since 94, and was pushed into RN school in my first marriage. Long story short I got my AAS degree in 2004, but I was never able to pass boards for RN. I was devastated for a long time, but after much thought I determined it was really Gods will for me, because all these years I really wanted to be a Doctor, and My first wife was not supportive of my goals. Now I’m remarried, transferred to a 4 yr University for a major in Chemistry and am actively pursuing " my calling " which is Ultimately Medicine. Good Luck to you! and keep posting!