I'm addicted to House, M.D.

I am hopelessly addicted to House, M.D. I think that it is safe to say that I have a man crush. Also, I’m a little drunk. The end. I love you guys. As long as you aren’t bastards. I mean that in the connotative sense of course. <3

LOL! Never seen it myself…

Be careful with drunk posting, grasshoppa. It necessarily leaves a trail of evidence .

And House, btw, is among the only shows on TV worth watching. So he’s right about that .

lol…do we have a drunk poster’s forum?

Hey, a drunk OPM member? I never heard of such a thing. Next thing you’ll be saying that we will being holding our conference’s around the hotel bar. Oh, yeah…never mind

I was hopelessly addicted to House until the writer’s strike. I don’t watch hardly any TV, so I didn’t realize they were back with new episodes until a couple of weeks ago. Now, I haven’t been able to get back into it.

The neurologist who taught the musculoskeletal exam is not so crazy about House because he puts his weight on the wrong side for a guy with his apparent disability. He ought to be putting the weight on teh crutch on the side opposite the disability. She was quite adamant about this.

I agree with the neurologist, Denise. BUT, many people use their crutches the wrong way and do lean on the side of the disability.

haha, I see it is real.

If I remember correctly there was an episode where House suffered a shoulder injury because he distributes his weight to the incorrect side. Your neurologist friend may be correct.

The season finale was great!

It always throws me off a little when I see Hugh Laurie on something else and he’s speaking with his British accent.

I’m not drunk but I have a confession to get off my chest…yes, I am laying my soul bare here for all OPM to see…Open kimono time…

I have a secret crush on Addison Shepherd from Grey’s Anatomy with Izzy Steven’s being a close second…OMG, I have never seen a set of scrubs look so good…sorry, sorry, I apologize…

What’s funny about House, M.D. is that several of our now 4th years said they used to watch the program religiously. Why? Well, seems that some of the quiz questions the week following would be answered on that week’s episode…no joke…

Well even though I am new here…I’m not afraid to post about having a crush on Addison as well…and I’m a girl! LOL. No seriously I’ve followed her to the new show Private Practice which I’m sure is completely as unrealistic as Greys Anatomy but I stay glued to the tv during those hours…

I just googled for images of Addison Shephard - WOW! She’s pretty darned cute! Can see why you’d have a crush on her!

Told you! I have good taste in chicks! HA HA!

A couple of co-workers and I have actually argued over which one of us gets to have Dr.House…some bizarre crush hitting the women at my group home…mmmmmm, yup, House…