I'm BAAAACK!!!!!

Buenas Tardes Old Pre Meds!!!
This is “OHIO D.O. 2 B” back from an extended hiatus from the world of “pre-meds” hopefully better equipped mentally and physically than before to “catch the brass ring” so to speak. I guess everyone needs a little time away to have doubt set in about what they are trying to do, listen to that voice, attempt to give up “the dream” even though all those around you know better but don’t say anything for fear of getting they’re head bitten off by you, and then find one brave soul that isn’t afraid to tell you what they think of your whining, self-pitying attitude and then, you come full cicle wondering…look at all of the time I wasted. However, that time definately wasn’t wasted in my book because, I untimately found myself and a new passion for medicine. I’m doing this in an unorthodox way this time but, the results should be the same-ACCEPTANCE INTO MEDICAL SCHOOL!!!
I decide to pursue Respiratory Therapy as an allied health career choice to set me up for acceptance into the B.S. in Allied Health Studies at Ursuline College outside Cleveland, OH. I know that, given the numerous credit hours I already have at the B.S. level, I know it sounds crazy to pursue an A.S. in Respiratory Care from a community college first(Lakeland Community College to be exact), but, after receiving my certification, I will only have to obtain 64 credit hours for the B.S. degree with specialization in Chemistry. Since, I will already have most of those hours, I should only have to be in school for an extra year after receiving my A.S. and CRT certification to get my bachelor’s and, the rest of that time can be used preparing for the MCAT, my application, etc. And with all of that, I will be in a field which is in high demand and can bank some money prior to medical school and, get the ED and Critical care experience I truly enjoy. I feel that respiratory therapy matches with a career in medicine beautifically(ask Old Man Dave or Nat!! biggrin.gif )and, I only see good things ahead in my future.
Lots of things happened during my hiatus, some can be found on my webpage(www.geocities.com/blackdiva2000/mysteryofkim.html) but, my webpage needs a little updating which, will be done this weekend before school starts, I also took a little Espanol this summer and have practiced a little as a hospital translator on my new job. I took a new job as a critical care nursing assistant with Hillcrest Hospital on their CHF/Telemetry unit-this hospital is with the Cleveland Clinic Health System and, you get to learn from some outstanding physicians, nurses, respiratory care practitioners, etc. I think it will be a great learning experience for me.
Well, I guess I wrote enough for now…hopefully, I can get back into the “swing of things” quickly and be an active participant in the going on’s of OPM. Trust me, if it hadn’t been for the cameradrie and support this group has given me, I wouldn’t be where I am today…
"To be who you are and what you are capable of is the only life worth living"
-Alvin Ailey

Welcome Back Kim! biggrin.gif

Wow!! I never thought we'd see you back Kimberly!! Glad it happened though.

Welcome back, Kim! And you know, listening to your story - where you sound like maybe you’re doing some second-guessing or even beating yourself up for decisions you’ve made - prompts me to say just a few things. Uh, consider it a sermon of sorts, not directed at you, Kim, but just some thoughts for all. laugh.gif
First of all, for EVERYONE who regrets a path chosen at some point:
You make the best decision you can based on the information you have at the time.
In other words, of course hindsight is 20-20, but you didn’t go into a decision thinking it would be the wrong one. So be sure not to take credit away from yourself for thinking something through.
Second, for those wondering "What’s the right way to do this?"
The right way to get to med school as an OPM is the way that works for you.
Everyone is different! My way wouldn’t work for someone else. Your way wouldn’t work for me. The path for a person who’s completed one degree much earlier is going to be different from the path for a person who’s going to college for the first time at age 30.
The take-home lesson for this board is, by all means seek out others’ stories and find out what others have done. These stories will help you a lot, and the camaraderie on this board will support you on your path. DON’T compare yourself to anyone else or think that your chances must be much less because you didn’t do x, y or z like someone else did. Don’t forget that “non-traditional” means we’re approaching this from different perspectiveS - emphasis on the plural.
Okay, sermon over! Go in peace. biggrin.gif

Hi Kimberly,
Welcome back and congrats from a former “snot jockey”. Respiratory will serve you very well in medicine and medical school. Very good path to medicine. wink.gif

I’m new here so I missed all your earlier posts but it’s great to have you back! Respiratory therapy seems to be popular. Several OPMs have done it: Nat, Dave, etc. I’m sure it will be interesting. Don’t forget to share your stories on OPM! tongue.gif

WELCOME BACK KIMBERLY!!! I just knew that you’d return. RT is awesome, but it just will not scratch the itch.