I'm back from Post-Bacc Land

For those of you, who were around before a month ago…I’m back from Post-bacc land. I finished Chem 1 and it was very difficult and time-consuming. Very difficult to balance life with studies…I really don’t know how those of you with families do it. Seriously, you deserve a medal for balancing it all. Anyhow, you all were missed.

Hey there! Congratulations! You finished chem 1 in a MONTH? Wow, that’s a pretty fast pace. It probably feels good to be done. However, just wait til you are taking biology 2 spread out over a five month semester and invertebrate taxonomy takes up three of those months–then you’ll be missing that hectic chemistry schedule! Nah, I’m just kidding. Seriously, good job.
So, what’s next?

Welcome Back! Just think of it this way, if you are taking the usual chem 1&2 bio 1&2 o chem 1&2 and physics 1&2 you are 1/8 closer to your goal in only 4 short, although demanding, weeks! Way to go!