I'm Done! Need some advice

Hey all,

Hope that things are going well for you. Just letting you know that I am done and am now a medical intern…1 month in. Hectic does not even do the experience justice. But I try to keep my head above the water, learning as I go along and trying not to make major mistakes.

Trust me…medical school did not give me a hint of what I am going through now.

I am thinking now about doing my USMLE’s. Geriatrics is what I want to do and it is not offered here in Jamaica. My questions are these:

  1. How different is the path doing it through Family Medicine vs. Internal Medicine. Have not made up my mind on which I will follow, and also which is easier to match in, and

  2. Any advice on starting the Step 1 preps during the internship time.

    I know that as a foreign medical grad, I am not as high on the priority listing, but if there are any tidbits that you could pass on to facilitate the process I would be grateful.

    Take care and all the best.


Hilary, both family medicine and internal medicine are pretty easy to match into. If geriatrics is where you want to end up eventually, you can do either one - there is a CAQ (certificate of advanced qualification) for geriatricians through the American Academy of Family Physicians. I don’t know what ACP (American College of Physicians, the IM professional organization) offers, but I bet they have something similar.

Congratulations on graduating!


Thanks for the quick response Mary. Guess the decision about the next step will be made all in good time. Have a great weekend.


CONGRATS on graduation! That is awesome! Man, how time flies. On your question, I have limited info of value to give to you, as my path has been radically different from what you seek. I do know that, as Mary pointed out, matching into a US-based IM or FP program should not be difficult for an IMG.

Most of all, I just wanted to offer my sincerest congratulations & wish you the best of luck & success! I know you are & will be busy for the next year, but please try to remember your buds here at OPM. Seriously, now that you have successfully navigated pre-med & med school, you are a very valuable assett to those who seek to follow in your footsteps. We’d all appreciate it if you occasionally took a few minutes to keep us in the loop of your life and field a few questions.

Thanks. I most definitely will be keeping in touch. As the time passes and the experiences grow, I will surely share.

Have a great week.