I'm enrolled

I officially enrolled into Kaplan MCAT class. It doesn’t start until January 11th, but I think I’m going to do some reading on my own before that. I have Examkrackers books at home, so I might start looking through them as well, especially that I’m going to miss my first two Kaplan sessions…

Welcome to the club! I’m enjoying my Kaplan class so far. There have been some computer glitches as regards my online stuff, but otherwise it’s been excellent. They really have the test taking strategy down to a fine art.
Good luck,

Dont worry about missing the classes, you can make them up online, I take all of mine online, so far so good.

Congratulations on enrolling in the Kaplan course. I also enrolled in the course in Texas which starts on Jan. 16th. I was expecting to receive the course material already as the site said I should get the books via 2-Day UPS. I also wanted to get a jump on the class. I am a career changer and only have half the pre-reqs completed so some of the material will be my first introduction to the subject. I know this isnt the most advisable strategy but due to many reasons it is the best option for me at this time. I have contemplated some postbaccs but there are none in Texas that had linkage agreements so I chose to focus solely on the MCAT until April. I hope that with a bunch of hard work and a little bit of luck that I can do well enough to matriculate in 2007. Have you gotten any of your course material or been able to login to the website? Good luck with your course and Merry Christmas.

sorry for getting back to you so late! I’ve been out of the country for last two weeks and still have two more to go! I have’t check the forum for last 2 weeks; I finally got some time today! I got my materials before I left - I guess it was 4 days after I registered for the class. I haven’t tried to log on the website. I might try doing this withing next few days…but if I’m lazy and still in ‘vacation-like’ mood I might look into it after I get back to the US…

No worries on the timing of your reply. Enjoy your vacation before returning to the stress of the MCAT. I got my materials last week and am amazed at how much I have forgot in the few years it has been since some of my pre-reqs. This is going to be a fun couple of months. Keep in touch during your class and we can compare progress. Have fun on your vacation and good luck studying.