I'm feeling very good

I needed to tell this to someone who would get why its such a big deal for me. I am enrolled in a upper division o-chem course. I had my first midterm on Friday. I got the test back. Ode to Joy I got a 95%. Yes I am doing a little dance.

Oh, yes, happy dance with skipping!

Wow! Congratulations!

Yeah, totally–congratulations! 95% is awesome. What class are you in, by the way? I take it it’s not orgo 1 or 2, if it’s upper division. Although that’s a great score in any orgo class!

I need a little more confidence in my answers. If I did then I would have gotten and A instead of a B.

Congrats! We just had our second Orgo exam last night, and it was tough. I am hoping I can mimic your performance!

I just got a 98 on my much-whined-over physics exam! Woohoo!

I can feel “the pats on my back.” Denise you better be dancing also. Thanks you guys.