I'm going to be a doctor! Class of 2011

Yay!!! I was just accepted EDP at the University of Minnesota. All my hard work paid off!!! I’m a 32 year old who was an English major in a former life. I’m so happy/excited/ecstatic/delerious/in shock… I think going EDP really helped me. Drink a beer with me - I’m celebrating!



  • orb Said:
Yay!!! I was just accepted EDP at the University of Minnesota. All my hard work paid off!!!! I'm a 32 year old who was an English major in a former life. I'm so happy/excited/ecstatic/delerious/in shock... I think going EDP really helped me. Drink a beer with me - I'm celebrating!



You give hope to this 30 year old premed English major, that’s for sure!!! please keep us updated on your progress, and again - congrats. What awesome news!

congrats!!! BLESSINGS


Congratulations!!! Drink more than one beer!!!

And relax…you still have some time before you’ll have to start all the studying again


Wow! Thanks you guys! I’ve mostly been a lurker here, but the info from everybody has been extremely helpful. I especially took the thread on working on being an excellent candidate to heart. I knew that I had the stats to apply, but I was really worried about my personal statement and the secondary because I was nervous I’d come off as a kooky gen-Xer. I wrote about my life long interest in literature and poetry and my early artistic ambitions, and I also wrote about how I originally wanted to go into Chinese medicine, but then changed gears and focused in on allopathic medicine. I didn’t really want to mention my previous interest in Chinese medicine but investigating chinese medicine was integral to my path into becoming interested in becoming a physician. (I wrote that I think chinese medicine is more of a philosophy, and I didn’t want to be a practicing philosopher.)

Then, on my secondary, one of the questions wanted me to discuss a difficult time in my life and I wrote about a short period of circumstantial depression I had when I was 19. I learned later that mentioning any sort of depression is a big no-no. yikes! For the past month I’ve been totally stressed out that I wrote all the wrong things on my PS and secondary. I guess that I still came off as well adjusted, however, since I got accepted! If anybody want me to read their PSs or secondaries, let me know - I’m so excited at the prospect of more non-trads in medicine!

Congratulations! Great news. I expect my PS should be ready in 2 years so I’ll check back with you then.

That’s great news. We need more English majors. I ain’ts one but I sho due likes em.

Congratulations Orb! It is always exciting to see another one make it in. I can hardly imagine how excited I’ll be if/when I make it in.

How do plan to spen your time before matriculation?

Beer will only get you so far… :wink:


Congratulations, Orb!

Thanks guys! I was thinking hard about what made me a successful applicant, and the thing that really stood out to me was that I took my time. I spent 4 LONG years as a premed. I could have shortened my premed time by a year by taking the August 2005 MCAT but I wasn’t ready and decided to delay the MCAT until the following April so that I could be confident about my preparation and also so I could apply EDP. I also took an extra year to take some upper division science classes and do substantial research. I figured if I rushed and did everything in a shorter period, my app wouldn’t be very strong and I’d probably be rejected and would have to do the extra things anyway, only with the added dissapointment of previous rejection.

Anyways guys- take your time to make yourselves solid and to stand out. Also, consider EDP to your state school. I felt the odds were higher in my favor, despite being limited to one school, just because I was able to show my school I was committed to them. I did a lot of searches on SDN and anecdotally it seems like most EDP candidates who get interviews get in either through EDP or through the subsequent regular applicant pool. And if you get rejected, I don’t think you’ll be substantially behind - if I hadn’t gotten accepted I’d still be in front of the August MCATers for applying to other schools.

Congratulations Orb!

Congrats!! I was really impressed with the Univ of Minnesota when I applied there for residency. It is a great place. You will do great there.