I'm new to the site, but I like it!

Hi everyone! I am so relieved to find a website for people like US. I am 28 years old and hold a B.S. and an M.S. in speech-language pathology with 48 hours of post-grad work as well. My undergrad GPA was 3.3, M.S. GPA 3.8 and post-grad GPA 3.9. I initially wanted to be a physician in the worst way - my mother was a nurse and went back for her B.S. then M.D., and my father is a CRNA. I’ve been exposed to medicine my whole life! When I was a freshman in college I found I had thyroid cancer and had to have surgery/radiation for the next few years. I managed to stay in school, but my grades suffered a little (1 D, 3 C’s), hence the 3.3 GPA. I decided on speech pathology since it was close enough to the medical field and I could graduate with my M.S. and work and worry about my cancer treatments then (no WAY I wanted to worry about something like that in med school!). I managed to travel a lot, even working in New Zealand as a speech therapist for a 6-month travel position. Eventually I came back to academia to pursue a Ph.D., but my major professor left the unversity and there was no one else with the same research interests. I took a few years off, and now I continue to have the drive for medicine (it never left!). My family and fiance are encouraging me to go for it, so I re-took Gen Bio I/Gen Chem I this past Spring for a refresher, and am taking Gen Bio II/ Gen Chem II this summer to complete the sequence. I’m registered for Genetics and Organic this fall. In the meantime, I’m still a practicing speech-language pathologist and have a private practice.
I’m not sure if anyone out there falls in this category and has made it to med school, but it would be refreshing to hear it. My pre-med advisor tells me I have a good shot, but I “HAVE to get A’s”!!!
That’s my bio in a nutshell - great to be here, have a nice day everyone!

Hi Meg! Nice to meet you and welcome to the site! You have a very interesting bio!