I'm officially a pre-med (Geeked!)

Well, after countless hours pouring over the many topics on OPM, I’ve officially taken the plunge.

I’ll be taking Bio I and II over the summer. Then Chem I and II next year (while enrolled in four law school classes, regrettably )

I know it’s going to a gianormous pain in the ass, but I think I can handle it. I am a little concerned about Gen Chem since it assumes good facility with algebra and HS chem – I haven’t taken any math since the Clinton administration! I’m thinking about picking up a few study aids to work through over the summer. Does anyone have any recommendations? I just ordered “Essential Algebra for Chemistry Students” so we’ll see how that looks.

Anyway, just sharing my excitement over becoming an official non-trad. Can’t wait to post about chemical equations (or whatever it is that pre-meds study).

I found what textbook the course was using and bought that rather than anything else. Then I started reviewing it and looked to see if I could find old syllabi or test banks. Worked wonders.

Welcome to the wacky, insane, crazy, chaotic world of pre-med. Enjoy the ride!!

woo hoo! it will feel good and all wrong wrapped into one big lovely package. Ha! Embrace it!

Welcome, Slambo! I’m taking Gen Bio 1/2 this summer as well…we’ll have to keep in touch. When do you start classes? I start the first week of June.

Welcome, slambo!

Honestly I don’t remember gen. chem being a problem math-wise… I bet you’ll pick right back up on the basic stuff you do use. The book you ordered sounds perfect, though, if you do feel like you really need a review! Good luck! =)

I start classes 6/2. I’ll be right there w/ ya! I’d like to keep in touch. Misery loves company. We can commiserate.