I'm sooooooo nervous!!


I have not posted in a while so hello to all…well the Fall semester is upon us and I am registered at the city university to take Immunology and will be taking Physics at a nearby community college. I am nervous as I know I need to ace these classes along with all the other prereqs I need to take. I know I can do this but am nervous none the less…anyone else been there done that?

Congrats on getting registered and I hope you’re looking forward to the classes starting. I think most of us understand the stress that goes with wanting to do extraordinarily well in classes. Don’t forget to enjoy the journey as well. Don’t let the desire to do well overshadow the joy of learning. I think this is where most success comes. Attack any issues that may come up early, and don’t hesitate to ask for help if it seems you need some. And something I wish I had learned earlier, if you’re not getting answers that are helpful, find another person to ask! And, of course, share your successes with others as well.

Well wishes for the journey!

Of course others have been there, done that. between now an completion of training you will be there again an again and again. It may be some help to do the best you can to forget that you are there to get an A. Instead, try to focus on being there to learn physics and Immunology. Learn the material an grades will follow.

Congrats on stepping onto the road.

(It’s a dangerous business stepping out your door…If you don’t keep your feet under you, there is no telling where you will be swept off to. … Bilbo Baggins)