I'm starting to feel very lonely

Hello again everyone,
Well from my introduction post, I mentioned that I was accepted unto SLSOM. However, when I read the message board on ValueMD or SDN, I begin to feel so lonely because I’m the only person going to my school. What I’m trying to say is that my school is not a popular school like some of the carribean schools or US med schools. When I read 10 people all excited about going to a particular school, I feel left out because I’m the only one on the message boards going to a school that they never even heard about. This is causing me all kinds of doubt. One minute I say to myself, “who cares who knows about the school, it’s the education that counts.” Another minute I say to myself, “Why rush into med school, complete my degree at my US undergrad school, take a post-bach premed program then go take the MCAT and finally apply to the carribean schools where tons of other people are applying.” By the way, SLSOM offers a Pre-Med to MD program-after 90 credits you can apply and if accepted you finish your degree there.
On the other hand, I keep running into a snag. SLSOM has approved for Federal Government Aid and was supposed to have it by now. However, due to the war in Liberia, Mail has been held up and they have not gotten the paperwork yet. The school says that by the time I attend in Sept 04, everything should be worked out. If it’s not, they will allow me to finish my undergrad degree online and by that time (2 trimesters-32 weeks) they should have everything in order. Now SLSOM has been in existance since 1998 and has already graduated it’s first class. Most of the first class was people who transfered from other med schools.
Anywho, I’m a confused in what I should do. Should I take the longer route to become a doctor or should I take this once in a lifetime opportunity? It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for me because of personal problems which prevent me from going to US med schools. I wish not to open my personal life up for discussion in a open forum due to the fact that some people don’t believe that people who do bad things can learn from experinces and change their life.

Jasmine, you are not alone. When you get to SLSOM, just make sure you get your fellow students there on the forums!
This is a tough choice you are making and it’s going to be a hard road. If you have serious doubts about the program, listen to them. You don’t want to invest time and money only to be left without the MD you want so badly. Better to take the longer route if it is more likely to result in what you want. If the doubts are just occuring because you are currently alone in this process, hang in there.
maybe this quote will serve to inspire you.
"Vocation is where your deep gladness meets the world’s deep need."
Medicine is a vocation and one many of us choose to do even when it isn’t easy or well-supported by those we care about. On this forum you will find many people who have bucked the system (so to speak) to get where they are now. So in that sense, you are in good company.
Good luck!

I agree that if you have doubts it’s good to investigate further and make sure your gut isn’t telling you something important. It’s hard to distinguish sometimes between nerves and an important reason to reconsider.
Since I don’t know (and don’t need to know) anything about your personal history, I can’t say much except to make sure NOW that whatever it is that’s keeping you out of US medical schools won’t keep you out of residencies and licensing later on. You don’t want to find this out after finishing (and being in hock up to your eyeballs for) four years of med school. Maybe you’ve already looked at this, and if so, wonderful. If not, be sure to check…and now is a good time to find out how many of your school’s graduates got into residencies, since they have their first graduating class now. Maybe you can talk to one or two and see how interviewing, etc., worked out for them.
If something else is worrying you (like the financial aid issue), chase it down and get the answers you need. If they haven’t gotten their financial aid papers yet, maybe there’s a governmental agency here you can check with to verify that they’re eligible.
This is a big commitment. Do whatever you have to do to feel good about it.
And welcome aboard!

Thank you both for repling.
Yes I have already checked with the State board of Licensing and I will be able to be licensed.
My only fear is not being able to offered to go to this school. SLSOM said no matter what the situation, they will work with me. From what I have spoken to other students, they will help me out. My school offers the Basic Science portion through online and that will save me money. However, most state require that the IMG have 2 yrs attendance at the schools principal location in order for the IMG to become licensed. This means I have no choice but to travel out of the country to my schools campus to do 2yrs basic science courses. I’m just worried about financial aid more so than anything else.

Hi Jasmine,
The regulations on ability to practice medicine in this country change from year to year. Be sure that you have investigated your options thoroughly. Also, be sure that you consult an attorney who is familiar with regulatory law to be sure that you are eligible to practice medicine in this country. It is indeed, an uphill battle for FMGs to get into residencies and to practice here. There are changes in the works as we speak that will make returning to this country very difficult. Before you commit lots of money and time for a degree that you might not be able to use, be sure that you know what your rights are.