Im stuck?!!!!!!!!!

I have a question, im currently at a CC im getting my AS in Science, i know that humanities classes are also important to take-my question is this- should i take other classes after the science ones at the CC or at the 4yr? when i get to the 4yr i will be studying for a biology degree. im stuck!!! i heard some Med schools dont like students having a biology degree what should i do? thanks!!

First, on the question about your major. In the early 90s I heard a lot of chatter about wilting hippie Adcoms who only wanted to admit Fine Arts grads to med school. Lately, however, I am not aware of any bias against biology majors. My class has a diverse mix of educational, geographical, and personal histories. So, I recommend studying something you enjoy. If that is biology, this may be a good sign that you will enjoy studying medicine. I LOVE it. I never worked so hard in my life, but it is so much more tolerable since I am learning what I always really wanted to learn.

Second, regarding your adjunct coursework - that which is not a medical school pre-req - you might take a good look at picking some of those up at your CC. I don’t know that you should let it alter your timeline to graduation, but where I come from the university professors in History, English, PoliSci, Foreign Language, etc. tend to be interested in teaching at their highest level. That is they are most interested in students majoring in the fields they teach - not pre-meds.

I took some of my general education requirements in each, and the outcome was that I got better grades and learned more in the CC setting. The one exception were classes I took in business/management. I got my degree in health-care management from GWU, and those were some of the highest quality classes I’ve had…but, I hated studying management.

Your pre-requisites, IMHO, you should probably try to take at your 4-year institution. But, there are lots of conflicting opinions on that subject.

Thank you for your reply i feel much better lol