I think I know the answer already, but input from those in the know could save time and aggravation. At the University I am attending for prerequisites I need to either show proof of immunizations or opt out for moral/religious reasons. I have no moral/religions objections to immunizations, so I cannot in good conscience choose that option. I had the actual diseases (measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox) as a child in the 60s. I need all the hepatitis vaccinations. I do not know where my shot record is and my Mom is not sure either ( who would think you would need it at age 47). My medical care as a child was provided by various Air Force Base Clinics and Hospitals in and out of the states. As I already need the hepatitis vaccinations, do I go ahead and get the rest just to be covered or search for my ancient medical records?

They can do an immune titer for the MMR shot and I can’t IMAGINE they would make you get the shots if you have a positive titer. I had to do it for a volunteer gig at a hospital. I’m not sure what to tell you about the chicken pox; I had the disease and therefore was not required to be vaccinated. I’m quite surprised that a previous history of the disease does not exempt you from vaccination. Can you inquire further about waivers on those grounds?

Thanks for the prompt response. It seemed odd to me that there were no other options available to waive proof of immunization. I will have my doctor administer the hepatitis vaccines and do a titer to provide proof to the University. I think everyone of my generation got the actual chicken pox and I am pretty sure they will take the approximate date as proof, but I do not want lack of concrete proof to hold me up later on.

It’s the same for the chicken pox. I just had to show my positive titer and was good to go.


YIPPEE for that. Another thing checked off my list.

You may want to inquire about the costs of the titers. I had to have a titer done for chicken pox and for measles because I had gotten my shot too soon before my first birthday (university policy said you had to show proof of having two shots AFTER your first birthday). The cost of the measles titer was almost as expensive as having the shot redone. If your school requires that you also have titers drawn for mumps and rubella, it may well be cheaper to have the shots.