Here I am, about 6 months away from taking the MCATs. Having been studying for them for a couple of months now and adding more time every week. Here I am, about 7 months before I graduate with a Masters degree and a GPA that is significantly better than my undergraduate.
Here I am, about 8 months away from starting my application process to Medical School.
Here I am, unable to sit still, unable to concentrate, I just want it to be next year and in my hand hold a letter of acceptance.
Here I am, asking those who know what I am going to through for help.

Hang in there. Putting the MCATs in the rearview mirror is one big hurdle and the day you get your score report is another one. I know I was getting a bit antsy this summer waiting for that report to come out knowing that how I scored on that test would affect my chances a great deal.
The other big test of your patience is waiting for the people you ask to mail LORs to send them out.
So far, the schools which have interviewed me have told me that I’ll hear their decision within two weeks so that part isn’t so bad.
Good luck!
(Suggestion on the MCAT: start your ‘serious’ studying (the daily, multi hour marathons) more than 2 weeks before the test. I used that as my target a little worried that I was going to get burned out. I didn’t get burned out, and if I had started three or four weeks out instead of two it might have meant a point or two extra on test day…Also, the single best prep tool I had was the Audio Osmosis CD’s. They were worth multiples of their weight in gold, exceeding even the Kaplan class. Of course, YMMV.)
Good luck!

I am using both Kaplan and audio osmosis. I am trying to relax. But it is really hard being that I was never this close to actually applying, especially with a significantly improved GPA and more confidence in myself.

I was right where you are just a year ago. I remember thinking “I just wish I could have this year DONE”. I also hit a bit of a low motivation-wise right around Christmas last year.
All I can say is hang in there. You will get your acceptance letter in hand eventually. Looking back, it doesn’t seem as long as it did while I was waiting for it to happen.
And even more maddening to me know is this stupid wait for next summer to get here so I can start. At least last year I had MCAT to ‘look forward to’, and classes and LORs to track down. Now all I have is to make enough to live on and wait. . . .
not that I’m complaining. :slight_smile: