IMPORTANT Election Announcement

On behalf of the leadership of OPM (Board of Directors and Executive Council), I’ve been asked to share the following:

After considerable review, the OPM Board of Directors has decided that it would be in the best interests of the organization to dissolve the Executive Council at the end of the current term (June 2007). The current size of the organization simply does not justify having two administrative groups. As a result, the current Executive Council elections will be cancelled immediately.

Instead, the functions of both Executive Council and Board will be under the auspices of the Board, with considerable opportunities for those who wish to volunteer for leadership positions within our organization. The Board would like to extend its appreciation to the current Executive Council and to those who were nominated to serve in the future. In our small organization, we will certainly continue to call on the talents of all those who show this willing spirit.

Thanks to everyone who has been involved in OPM, past, present and future.

Mary Renard, M.D.

for the OPM Board of Directors