Important Info for registering for the 2007 tests

This is important MCAT information from AMCAS about registering for the spring MCATs. Seats may be in short supply at many test centers, so get on top of this right away,

And this from AMCAS:

The opening of registration for the April and May MCAT dates has been delayed in order to correct software problems that were causing duplicate payments and slow response times. Registration is now expected to open December 27, at 9:00 am ET. We understand that this change in dates from those first announced may be disconcerting, but would rather take the time to ensure the system works well for you. We encourage you to register at least 60 days in advance for your first choice of date and location. Registration in the first five minutes of the system's availability is probably not necessary. So, sometime after 9:00 a.m., ET, on December 27, please make your choice of date and time for your Spring MCAT.

Please note that the MCAT schedule is subject to change. For the most current information, please visit the MCAT Web site: . Please pay particular attention to the MCAT Essentials. In addition, MCAT examinee relations specialists are available to assist you: (202) 828-0690,