In-depth interactions with patients on clinical topics: clinical experience?

Hi fellow non-trads and Dr. Gray,

I know that to count as clinical experience, an activity needs to involve close and substantive interactions with patients–close enough to smell them, as we all know. However, I’ve heard on the non-trad podcast that experiences like online suicide chat lines can be counted as clinical. So it appears that as long as it’s in-depth, the online channel is not the kiss of death.

In my work, I conduct research project that involves interviewing patients about the management of their diseases and treatments, as well as their experience with their particular physicians. Mostly, I do these over the phone or through an online platform, but each interaction lasts an hour or longer.

What kind of experience would I classify this as? I should note that in parallel to this, of course, I am signing up to volunteer at a hospital. But it seems that even patient-centered roles at a hospital would involve contact and interaction that would be much more superficial and brief than the discussions I do for work.

Thank you in advance!