in desperate need of assistance - pharm

ok - i’ve got my pharm final on monday and i’m in very real danger of failing the course. no matter what i do, i can’t seem to get the stupid drugs to stick.
i was hoping that those of you who have made it through can give me suggestions (or even some of your killer neumonics that got you through).
i’d be most appreciative…

Hey Kelly,

Pharm Recall helped me greatly. Things in this little book are organized well. I also arranged the classes in terms of little parties. I had my beta blocker party with esmolol ( who came and left quickly), propranol, metoprolol etc. I gave them human characteristics and they seemed to stay with me.

The Lippincott Pharmacology Review was pretty good too.

I hope this helps.


I second Natalie’s suggestion about Pharm Recall. I have lived in this book all year (our pharm is integrated in each system). It helps me figure out how all of the drugs fit together and what the most important points are for each. For example, in some drugs, the toxicity is the most important facet, in others, it’s their mechanism of action. This book helps you sort this out while quizzing you. It has great diagrams and charts as well.
Good luck,

Okay Kelly. I’m learning pharmacology in stages in PBL. Each case seems to have its pharmacological issues. There is a series of books out called ‘Blueprints’ and if you get the one on Pharmacology, it is filled with notes and cases that help a lot in remembering the ADME, indications, contraindications, etc.

Good luck on your exam!

I like Brenner. It has good explanations at about the right depth of knowledge, and it has some nice figures and diagrams that helped me remember stuff. If you only have a little time, I’d go with that. Also, some of the Pharm Cards have good diagrams on them that are very helpful in remembering where a drug acts.