In need of advice

I am a 23 year old college graduate. I obtained a bachelors degree 2 years ago and had a 2.8 gpa. I pretty much wasted my college degree. I started when I was 16 and coasted through with little effort and a degree that I don’t plan on using. Since graduation I have been a professional musician and toured the country, but I am finally ready and mature enough to fulfill my life long dream of becoming a physician. I have always got a’s or b’s in science classes with little effort so my science gpa is good.

I am currently going into another bachelors degree program to finish my pre med pre reqs. I am curious what my chances are of getting into a US med school are if I do exceptionally well in these science classes. Will my younger years and decisions haunt me in the quest to get into a US school? I do not want to go to a Caribbean school because I have a fiancée here in MN. I am looking for advice and wondering if I am wasting my time, is this possible if I spend 2 years doing pre reqs and get a great gpa and mcat or will my previous gpa destroy my chances. I appreciate any input.

Did you read about Old Man Dave (who created Old Pre Meds), and his story? If not, go to the archives and track it down. :slight_smile: You are not yet dead in the water.



fear not. I graduated college with a 2.7

2.78 Ugrad GPA here. Now almost at the end of my first year of residency . . .