In need of encouragement

I am twenty six years old. I finished my bachelors in spring 2011 however just found out that an indpendent study class that I did wasn’t reported so I didn’t graduate therefore I am still undergrad.

I have a 3.13 GPA which I thought was higher than that, but I definitely didn’t apply myself in undergrad.

I am going to be going back to complete my pre reqs and then apply which due to crappy timing and need for a pre requisit for o chem it will take me two years.

I need some encouragement.



Don’t allow yourself to wallow in discouragement. Everyone that has completed this process has become discouraged at one point or another. It is human nature to do so. When unforeseen obstacles jump up in our path, sometimes we struggle to find the correct method of maneuvering. The key to success is persistence.

I was in the US Army. At one point, I was stationed in the country of Panama. As an Infantry soldier, we spent quite a bit of time in the jungle. Getting around in the jungle can be quite tedious. As you can imagine, the jungle can be extremely lush and filled with diverse types of flora and fauna. We loathed a particular plant, that we called a “wait-a-minute vine”. These vines would completely entangle equipment, weapons, hands and feet. If you got stuck, it took some time to get free. They were a hindrance to our path, and never failed to live up to their moniker. Some of the vines were thicker than others, and would take a little bit longer to bust through. Sooner or later, we would find a way through. We had a mission, and giving up was not an option.

The point is, there will be MANY “wait-a-minute” vines along the way. There are no shortcuts. Don’t look for a faster way to accomplish this task, get comfortable with the fact that this is a process. Be excited that you have begun the process, and there is an end in sight.

Be persistent. If you keep hacking away, the vines will eventually break free.

^ that is a great way to look at it!

And think of it this way: two years means more time to retake some classes and fluff up that GPA!

The good news mkwilliams is that your future is up to you. If you apply yourself, you can get the A’s needed and go from there.

You have a lot of time. It may not seem like it - but at 26 you have much of your life ahead of you.

Definitely what radardenny said is a great way to view things.

mkwilliams, I know where you are coming from with not feeling like you didn’t apply yourself during your undergrad. I graduated in 2010 at the age of 25 with a 3.0 and now seeing my close college friends getting accepted into medical, has been a little heartbreaking. It is hard to believe spatten but we are still pretty young…

Maybe take some up level course, something similar to DIY post bacc to help boost your gpa.