In-state or out--of-state


I’m sadly a few years away from the actual med-application process but still curious about getting instate versus out of state.

Specifically, with a good number of public schools that limit their admissions for out of staters, being considered in state is a real boon.

Anyone know/heard of being able to claim your family home(eg where your mom/relative lives) as residence even though you’ve moved out of state?

The theory being that I’d like to return home to “insert state” and be an in state student, still have family living there, fully intend to stay there after graduation, etc…but don’t currently live there. Home state always in my heart but not on my license kinda thing…:slight_smile:

Is that doable or is that a no no? I’m leaning toward it’s a no-no but hoping of course for it being possible.

I recall from back in undergrad and on that residency was based on where you actually live, or have your dr license etc…Along with some time in the state…So can’t go switch your license over on Monday and claim residency on Tuesday…Something like 6 months or a year in the state?

Enough rambling from me…anyone know?


States vary in how they evaluate this, but my understanding is that most want to see that you paid taxes in the state where you’re claiming residency. In states that don’t have income tax, some other mechanism for showing that you’ve been gainfully employed in that state will be used. (Texas is one state that doesn’t have income tax, I think - and I know that they want to see that you’ve lived & worked in Texas for a year - hopefully there’s someone on here who can provide more info)

Relatives and good intentions are nice, but cold hard cash into the state coffers is what they’re actually looking for!