In the groove.

Well, first month of post bac down, and I’m rocking a 95% in my bio class, waiting to get my algebra test back. Got my summer classes lined up and will be in the lab 5 days a week. How’s everyone else?

Where do you go for it?

101% in biology and a 98% in Chem 1… First time back in school since 1999. This semester has been a fantastic affirmation that yes, I CAN still do school!!!

“In the groove” is a really great way to explain how I’m feeling right now! I have gen chem 2 and bio 2 this summer…then moving on to Orgo and Physics for Fall and Spring. I’m telling you guys…if those semesters go by as quickly as this one has? I’ll be taking the MCAT and applying to med school in about 1.2 seconds!

Best of luck to you guys… are we having fun yet??? This is crazy, but I love every minute…

Great job! Keep it up!

At northwestern for the quarter and then I start at NEIU in 3 weeks.