Incomplete Grade

I am applying to Med school this year. Last semester I took only one course, that I could not complete (Only the final exam is left…) I had to leave the country to visit my family for personal reasons. For me to get a grade on that course, I’ll have to take the final with the Summer semester folks and wait til Aug 19th for my grade.

On AMCAS, should I check the current/future box and select trasnscript not required. or should I submit the transcript with an IN(complete) grade on it and update schools when I receive the grade. Should I write to them explaining the IN?

Is IN so bad? I have maintaiend a 4.0 in my postbac and hope to keep it. As a non trad I have enough justifications that I have to make for my past, I am worried about the IN.

Thanks for your suggestions…

It seems to me that you should submit your application and update it once you have completed the course. I assume at that point the IN would go away. You may be able to add an explanation in your application regarding your family if it is relevant. (Emergency, etc)

What does the rest of you application look like? Undergrad GPA, BCPM, MCAT, etc. If your stats are strong I assume one IN with a good explanation would not be in itself devastating.

One of the more senior members of the forum can probably shed some additional light on the subject.

Good Luck!

Assuming that your academic record is excellent, I think it is more important to submit your application now (June) and update the schools later. By waiting until you have a grade, your application will be arriving on the later side - not a good thing.

As far as how to enter the grade, enter it just as it appears on your formal transcript. Presumably that would be an IN.



If you complete the course (with a good grade) before you submit to AMCAS, nobody will be the wiser. If not, then be prepared to talk about in interviews. Tell them your personal reasons. If you missed a test because somebody died, then that’s ok - docs are people too.

I would go ahead and put in your application as soon as possible and update it when you get the final grade. From what you said, your other grades are good so one class in light of a personal emergency is likely not going to make a difference when you accompany it with a reasonable explantion. Best of luck.