Increase GPA or focus on clinical experience


Finally posting to ask for some advice. I have a 3.22 Science GPA and a 3.20 Cumulative GPA. I am debating completing the RN program at my community college, which will allow me to increase my GPA while gaining clinical experience, OR if I should just take my new CNA certificate and work at a hospital to gain more clinical experience and save the money.

What do you guys think? I know my GPA is not stellar, but my last 47 credit hours are a 4.0 (all A’s baby!), so my upward trend is awesome.

I appreciate any advice :slight_smile:

Hi meghen!

To be honest, I wouldn’t “waste” the money on an RN program. Your GPA is already above 3.0 (the cut-off for the mythical “digital shredders”). That combined with your strong upward trend you may not even need additional course work. But, if you are really concerned about your GPA, then a post-bacc or SMP is what you want to look into. Plus, as you noted you can gain clinical experience as a CNA.

Simply, put if you want to be a physician work towards being a physician, not side-tracking into nursing. Going into a nursing program will more than likely result in you spending more money and more time on your journey to becoming a physician than you need to or would’ve spent otherwise.

No matter what you decide, best wishes on your journey!

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Thank you for the clarity…I agree. I am going to put my efforts into gaining more clinical experience as a CNA. I already have good clinical experience as a phlebotomist and as a CNA but could always use more and I love working at the hospital anyways. Also, the last 47 credit hours are actually post bacc classes, which I got all A’s in.

Thank you!