Independent Christian Group for Nontrad Premeds?

I was wondering if anyone knows of any independent (not affiliated with a specific school) digital groups where nontrad premeds who are Christians communicate to support each other, pray for each other, etc?



Hi there! Are you looking for any groups associated with a specific Christian denomination? I ask because I’m a progressive Christian (Episcopalian) who is lesbian so I’m wary of joining Christian groups that are hostile towards LGBTQ+

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Ive been wanting the same, non denominational group. I can set up a Facebook group if there isn’t one already. I personally haven’t found one.

I think it’ll be better to reply to the whole topic than either of you individually.

I don’t deal very well with bigotry, so that does tend to knock several denominations out of the playing field. However, I don’t really ascribe to any denomination, and I play nice with people I have differences with if they also play nice.

I don’t do facebook and haven’t in many years, and I have no interest in returning. However, if you either find a group you could share or started one, I think I would log in just to engage with that. On that note, is it still possible to create an alternative account for something like this it would I have to log in to my old account (if you know)?

Oh, that did make me think- maybe there’s a discord group or we could make one (if you each know and are comfortable with discord)? This could be an and/or sort of deal if so.

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I think we can start one since all of us are in the same boat and I believe strongly that with prayer, and the word of God we will make it the end.

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Sounds good. Do you all want to do facebook then?

@Jagiine I do not do FB either as it worsened my mental health to the point of feeling suicidal. I haven’t been on for almost 4 years and not being on it changed my life for the better.

I haven’t used Discord so not familiar with it but could be interested in learning more

I’m happy you found and made a choice that was healthy for you, @Futuredoc129 . Discord can be a little complex to facilitate, but if you just join as a participant, it’s quite simple. You can use it on the web or as a downloaded app. You can have text channels where you have text conversations with all the other members (like maybe a channel named “prayer-requests,” another named “general,” etc.). You can also have voice channels where people can just lounge and talk or go for specific conversations or whatever. You can send private messages and have private calls with 1+ specific others rather than interacting with the whole group if you want. Does that sound like something you’d all be interested in (or at least willing to try)?

I’m also 100% open to other ideas if there’s like an ideal platform for things that just hasn’t been mentioned; I don’t really have my finger on the pulse of social media.