Indroduction and a question

What a blessing to find this site!

I am 27 and am currently a full time student in a Sonography program. I have spent my entire life dreaming of being a physician but have taken many detours along the way (cliche’ I know but true). I know there are reasons for that and now I am ready! I am completely committed to this long haul but feel a little unsure of what step to take next.

As of now I am planning to finish my Sonography program and then work PRN while completing my B.S. I have tossed around the idea of withdrawing from my US program and diving into my university studies but want to make the smartest decision. I am so anxious to get started and hate the thought of waiting another year but part of me is saying 1 year is not long in the scheme of things.

I have an Associate of Arts so I will need some lower level science courses along with my major course work.

I would appreciate any suggestions/advice etc.

Sorry to have written a novel

In my opinion, at 28 yrs old you will be a young nontraditional student. It might be to your advantage to take the year and complete your sonography program. As you mentioned this might allow you to get a part time job while you ar completing your degree or working on pre requisites. The bigger picture is working in that area may bring you in contact with physician for shadowing and voluntering opportunities.Both experience may help to make your application stronger.Further working in sonography might help you to have a better understanding of medical practice.

i wish i had made my decision to begin the journey when i was 27 or 28!