Info on the Baltimore area

Hey guys!

Does anyone have info on the Baltimore area? I am looking at Johns Hopkins, and I need info on living there with kids.

God bless!

I have SO MUCH FAMILY in the Baltimore area. I visit there all the time, and I interviewed at Hopkins as well. Just typing this made me want to go back, I miss it!

  1. As you probably already know, the Baltimore City public schools are about the weakest in the state of Maryland, but the Baltimore County system has some real gems.

  2. The lifestyle is pretty great, by Washington/New York standards it costs next to nothing to live in Baltimore but it still has the big city amenities: great libraries, a bonafide indigenous cuisine (unlike Buffalo, where junk food is passed off as such), museums, Whole Foods, etc etc.

  3. As a native, I will share my opinion that the climate in the Washington-Baltimore area is just awful-- mind-melting humidity and poor air quality from June to September, but some people will probably disagree.

  4. Baltimore City is also quite violent in places (12th most dangerous city in America, acc. to Congressional Quarterly-- with Buffalo taking up a mean 25th), so I would seriously look into crime statistics before I decided on a neighborhood.