Initial Meeting

Hello all; I have a meeting scheduled with the interim director of the Rural Med program here this Friday, to discuss my interest in the program and what prereqs I need specifically.

I plan to have a basic outline of what I intend to take and in what order-thanks to the great info I’ve gleaned from OPM-with me, plus my resume and my humble self (that may take some work after so many years of being an “Artist” lol).

Would anybody be willing to share their own resume recipes from that stage of their careers? I understand privacy may be a concern, so I am just interested in form and presentation, not specifics. With our more unique career paths-OPMs in general-I would think our resumes would be structured …differently. I certainly want to avoid the chaff.

Also, I would appreciate any opinions on whether I should take my PS with me-even if it is an early draft. Mary commented that I already had a good start on the PS in my first posts; I searched the OPM site for references to ‘personal statement’ or even ‘PS’, and I came up with a rather thin selection of unrelated usages.

Lastly, any other suggestions on what I should be thinking about, or what I should have with me? The ol’ scout motto is kicking in right now (“Be Prepared”-for you heathens…lol), and I’m sweating bullets because in some ways this is like interviewing for the actual Med School, as I would be matriculating into that program on the same campus, though I apply to the partner school.

If I haven’t said it yet; Thank you all, this website is an inspiration for my aspirations. I hope someday to post to all sections, especially “Alumnis”.