Hello all,

Has anybody heard about this organization called Inquarta run by Don Osborne. Apparently, he helps with the whole admission process–personal statement, primary application, secondary applications, preparing for interview, etc.–but charges ~$4,000.


  • tiha

Not heard of it, but $4000 is A LOT of $$ for what you list. Are you affiliated with a school that has a pre-med program/advisor? If so, I would imagine many of these services will be offered, including practice interviews. I used Judith Colwell (who advertises on this site and periodically offers advice to applicants) to assist with my personal statement and it was money well spent IMHO. But $4K?? Uff-da! :wink:

Thank you so much MD2B2010. I looked at her website and am planning to contact her.

This site is like an oasis for me. Every time I feel discouraged about med. school admission related issues (which I will not get into today ;)), I just log on to this website.

Thank you guys for being here.