Inspiration if you think are too old check out these Iron Man Triathletes

Sister Madonna Bruder is 81 and still competing in Iron Man’s (2.5 mile swim, 100m bike, 26 m run) in under 17 hrs at 81 years old!!!

Team Hoyt, the father Dick is close to 70 and competes with his son, Rick 40 who has cerebral palsy. The father (swimming for 2.5 miles) tows Rick 70 kg approx and is in a boat. After the swim there is 100 mile bike ride. Rick sits on the font of an adapted bike, Dad pedals. Then aftr 100 miles is the 26 mile run, Dad pushes Rick in awheel chair for 26 miles running all the way!! What a team!! There are lots more just like these guys, spirit and drive!!