If Phyllis can do it… ustrali…

Now THAT is a great story!

Way to Go Gran!

it does beg the question though… Does anyone know the age of the oldest medical school graduate? I know at 49 I pushed the limits a bit am not even close the the record. (one other older than me in my class!) I think the oldest at my school (UNECOM) was in early 60’s at graduation.

Hi swy55,

Previous to your post, I thought that this fellow was the oldest… 0…

I’m encouraged to hear there was someone in their early 60’s in your class. I thought I was the only one on this quixotic path…

I’ll be 53. What a concept–I’m still getting used to the 40s. Well I just don’t think about age too much. The only important thing is the now, and what you can potentially become in the future.

Well said, Terry.