"Institutional Action" on post-bacc applications

I finally got in touch with one of the doctors my uncle suggested I talk to: a guy who until recently was chairman of the department of medicine at a well-regarded community hospital, and has just been named their new chief of staff. Instead of wanting to meet with me in person right away, he suggested I first obtain applications to a few local post-bacc programs, and said he’d call me back later this month to set up a detailed discussion.
So I’m looking over these applications, and they all have a section where they ask if you have ever been the recipient of any “action” for poor academic performance or conduct violation. Now, I’m ashamed to admit it, but I have, twice. I’m not proud of some things in my past, I was very immature in college, and I’m not the same person now as I was then. But I’m wondering whether this is a death sentence. I have a feeling the official line will be “as long as you’ve matured and changed since then, it doesn’t matter,” but really, if they’re comparing me to some other guy with exactly the same credentials but without the conduct violations, they’re obviously going to take him.
The thing is, I don’t even remember how serious the college considered the 2 violations. I don’t remember whether the first one (computer hacking) was even considered a formal penal “action” on the college’s part, and I don’t remember whether either of them (the other one being getting so drunk that someone called an ambulance, which, although I was 21, the college still considered a conduct violation) were placed on my permanent record.
Has anyone gotten into medical school or a post-bacc after admitting to something like this on the application? Anyone know if colleges/universities will tell you if something is on your permanent record? I hate to be dishonest, but if there’s no record, I don’t see what good it would do to even bring these things up.

The first thing you need to do is call the school and see what is on your record. Just ask them if there are conduct issues in your file. Once you have that info you’re better prepared to think about your next step.
Good luck.