Interesting Foreign Med School...

From what I have read and gathered, this school only requires an high school diploma/ged for admission, though they do provide their own admittance test. Just found it interesting they would not require a bachelors and/or at the very least the MCAT??

But that is their only pre-req. I just stumbled upon this at a pre-med site looking up some med school info…It is a legit school too.

This is the norm over there. Medical and other professional undergraduate education (law, engineering, accounting etc) in most SE Asian commonwealth countries starts after the 12th grade. The degree granted is a bachelor’s degree (MBBS, not MD.) Admission is typically based on a combination of high school grades and either an independent admission test, or either of those alone. Many states have ‘entrance exams’ similar to the MCAT, but applicable only to schools in that state.

Some institutions that operate independently have their own entrance tests. This usually means that kids have to take a bunch of entrance tests at the end of 12th grade – one for the med schools in their home state, one or more for the independent institutes, maybe a few tests over at the neighboring states, and a couple more entrance tests in engineering or other professions, lest they not get into med school (or their top-choice med school.)

Sounds like a good deal for them…

until the last decade or so, doctors who trained and practiced in many foreign did not have the opportunity for a financially robust medical practice compared to the US. For example, Filipino doctors often came to the United States to work as nurses as it was much more lucrative for them. Many South Asian doctors came to fill the internal medical residencies in the US. However, with teh advent and growth of “tourism medicine” especially in India, there is now great rush to attend medical school and get into one of these growing cash practices where americans go abroad for elective surgery. Or even needed surgery when they don’t have insurance. This has grown so quickly that there are now popping up chinese medical schools taught in english to attract Indian students, similar to the Caribbean medical schools that serve US students, Some of the Caribbean schools, such as Ross and especially St. George’s, are recruiting heavily for this new demographic of students from india and other south asian students.