Interesting GPA/MCAT grid by AAMC

I didn’t see this posted here so I figured I’d put it up. When I go down to the low GPAs and median MCAT scores and still see people get excepted, I get a little excited. Granted these are probably the most extenuating of the extenuating circumstances BUT: anything is possible with hard work. atriculan…

How would you like to have that guy/girl with the 2.6 GPA and 10 MCAT score for your doctor?!? I want to meet them!

Must be an amazing story with even better LOR’s. Right? But, that means there is hope for all of us!

This is a great grid. Is this for MD, DO, or Both?

Notice how only a few points matter on the MCAT. Looking at the ALL for MCAT acceptance in the range 21-23 it is 17.3%. Just 5 Points more (27-29) brings you in the 48.9%, and 30-32 is goes to 65.4%. I know there are other factors but it does go to show how important a few points matter.

I wish it was more current. Thanks for the post!

Or maybe a new building for the med school

I just confirmed with the associate director of research for AACOM (osteopathic) that the medical school applicant and matriculant data from AAMC (allopathic) only includes MD schools.

Link to Osteopathic D.O. applicant data

Link to allopathic M.D. data

Link to selected data sheets for both in forum post

It should be noted that AAMC is also the parent organization for ERAS (residency) and that data sheet for that DOES include both DO and MD information.

Link to residency data

in sum, undergraduate medical education data is done separately by AACOM (DO) and AAMC(MD) while graduate medical education for both is compiled by AAMC

Thanks for posting this, great info!

A graphical representation of that data I put into slide 5 of a presentation I gave to dental school admissions deans (shown as a contour graph by quartile). If you want to hear what I said to them, you can go to pet… on some of the work I’m doing on competency-based evaluation of applicants. (Slide 34-35 which are not commented on in my presentation shows separate breakdowns of my postbac pool vs alumni vs graduating students FYI.)

Good grief Charlie Brown I’m above the 99th percentile for age of male matriculants in 2009!

Feelin’ old here! All of a sudden my back is hurting a little more than usual!