International electives for residents

Does anyone know where I can find some good info on (roughly) 4-week international electives. I really would like to go to sub-Saharan Africa (or maybe SE asia) to do an elective. I am not opposed to paying my own way, but I need one that I can get credit for ACGME purposes. I have done some Google searches and there are some that are 1-2 weeks long and others are for several months but I would rather go for 4 to 8 weeks (I feel that I would be there long enough to actually figure out what I am doing and actually be productive and contribute; I also don’t think I could get more time than that off from my program though). There seem to be opportunities for surgeons since those tasks fit in ith short trips as they can still be very productive during that time, but not a lot for the medicine specialties.

Also, I would like to go as part of an organized trip, either as an individual going to someplace that is accustomed to getting the intermittent resident or an organized trip of temp workers. I can’t imagine that there’s not better info and opportunities out there, I just figure I can’t find it.

Any info or leads would be helpful. Thanks, Tara

Good luck with this, Tara, and please let us know what you find out. I’m still several years out, but a program as you describe sounds fascinating to me.

I know that Medecin Sans Frontieres requires a 6 month commitment but sometimes religious organizations have shorter medical missions - or you could apply through the Red Cross or UN.

To go to somewhere like the Sudan you may need to have previous experience in developing/conflict ridden areas.