international summer opportunities

I would like to spend next summer, when I’ll be between MS1 and MS2, doing some kind of volunteering overseas. I was just wondering if anyone had ideas about sources I could look at to get started collecting information about programs or about examples of med students who’ve designed their own summer programs. I’ve done some searching on the internet, and hopefully I can get more information once school starts, but I thought I’d ask here too. Do med students start talking about those ideas pretty soon once first year starts up? I have a few specific ideas of things I’d be interested in doing, but I’m still really open minded at this point. Any advice will be much appreciated!


Several of my classmates did the very thing you want to do. They basically contacted a professor at a university of the country they wanted to travel to. Additionally, your school should have a source of funding to which you can apply for travel expenses. Talk to your student affairs office once school starts, cuz it’s never too late to get the ball rolling. Good luck and let us know where you end up going!!

SNMA - a minority medical student organization has several mission trips. Anyone can join the organization and the trips are set up for medical students. Check out there national website.