International Undergrad Degree

Hello. I have seen a few similar situations but none with any/many comments… First a little background I am 28 and have have a BSc in Math & Biology from the United Kingdom. I moved to the US about 7 years ago and currently live in Texas with my husband (who is tied to his job here) and two kids. I am a permanent resident (I may apply for citizenship in the future - haven’t decided yet). Based on my research (which is mainly focused on TX schools) med schools will not look at my degree for application purposes and I need a minimum of 90 credit hours in a US/Canadian school. I recently began taking classes at a university nearby I am doing well and am confident the academics will go well… My issue is with everything else, I am not really sure if I’m doing enough… I worked as a medical assistant and a scribe for 3 years when we were living inVirginia but that was about 3 years from now and will be even further away by the time I’m ready to apply. After leaving the MA job I had my second child and moved states twice (because of husbands career - we are settled in TX now and do not anticipate moving again). So have been home with the kids for the last 2 years before starting school. I am currently also volunteering with a non profit teaching kids to sew and other life skills (but that’s on a little break right now due to the pandemic and my own kids not being in daycare), I have and will be shadowing doctors in various fields. Where should I be putting my focus now, I’m getting a lot of mixed messages. Some are saying I need to just concentrate on getting good grades and doing well on the MCAT. There are many things I’d LIKE to do - shadowing has reminded me how much I loved and miss interacting with patients, It would be nice to get involved in some sort of research as I’ve never done that before and I’ve gotten involved with a few pre med groups on campus volunteering with them and other activities has been enjoyable. Sorry that was a bit long winded - basically where is my time best focused. I can’t really dive into everything as I’d like to because kids/husband need attention too. Any comments/suggestions ? Thanks.