International Undergrad

I am a US citizen but getting my undergrad overseas. I will be taking the MCAT of course, but does anyone have any information regarding schools recognizing non USA/Canadian school degrees? My degree is a bachelors in biology and I have taken so far the following courses and will have 1 year remaining after this:
Biology 2 semesters
Physical Chemistry 2 semesters
Organic chemistry 2 semesters
Physics 2 semesters
Intro to biochemistry 1 semester
Biochemistry 1 year
Genetics 1 semester
Immunology 1 semester
virology 1 semester
Physiology 2 semesters
cell bio 1 semester
writing 1 semester
Statistics 1 semester
plant physiology 1 semester
ecology 1 semester
processes in the biosphere 1 semester
Calculus 2 semesters
challanges in modern biology 2 semesters.


I am in the same boat and would love to know if you found out any information.
It was my understanding that some US medical schools require US undergraduate degrees. Do you know of any that do not?