Interview questions

Hello! I am very excited bc I was invited for an interview with UConn for its post-bacc. It is going to be over the phone since I am over 800 miles away right now. For those of you who have gone through the process, what kind of questions should I expect and what questions must I ask them? Thanks!

Hi Nikkie, First and foremost, congratulations! UConn is a very selective program so that’s wonderful that you got invited for an interview. I think there are standard questions like “why medicine?” However, UConn’s supplemental sheet covers a lot of those…I would make sure you know your application forwards and backwards, including your supplemental sheet, bc they may well ask you to expand on one or more of your answers. I was asked to give specific examples to support a statement I made in my personal statement. Also, I think you can really anticipate the questions you’ll be asked by taking an objective look at your application. What questions would you want to ask or ask a person like yourself if you were interviewing? My theory is that you should always put a postive spins on the events of your life. You don’t really want to sound negative, but at the same time, if there are some blatently negative things or holes, you can’t ignore them either. I think in these cases it’s better to address them preemptively…for example, if you had a particularly horrid semester when you were 18, I would try to weave in that you were younger, had a difficult semester due to… when you were younger, but now you’ve changed bc… always bring it back to something positive. Lastly, you should aim to make it like a conversation with an old friend. Avoid a question and answer session…make it flow like a conversation. Try to anticipate the interview’s questions and concerns, address them, move on and focus on your strengths, what you want the interviewer to know about yourself.