interview questions

I found this on Tulane University's website (from their premed handbook)
The following is a list of questions typically asked in a medical school interview and the underlying purpose of the questions.
1. Why do you want to be a doctor?
(Motivation, evidence of sincerity, a realistic outlook, goals, ambition)
2. Tell me about yourself!
(Diversified background and interests, record of achievement and accomplishments, commitment, maturity, priorities, self-confidence, medical experience/exposure, communication skills, a self-concept, realistic outlook)
3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
(A self-concept, realistic outlook, handling of stress, difficulties, or success, honesty, creativity)
4. Tell me about your family.
(Influence of your environment, priorities, commitment, diversified interests)
5. How did your undergraduate education prepare you for medical school?
(Ambition, commitment, planning goals, well-rounded interests and experiences)
6. What are some the major problems that medicine faces today, and how would you solve them?
(Medical experiences, exposure, knowledge of current events and medicine as a profession, reasoning and analytical ability, creativity)
7. What do you think about abortion, euthanasia, animal research, confidentiality, etc.?
(Personal ethics, reasoning ability, priorities, communication skills)
8. Why did you select our school?
(Commitment, planning, priorities)
9. What medical experiences have you had?
(Knowledge of the profession and its demands, rewards, problems, planning and commitment)
10. Why should we accept you over another applicant?
(Unique qualities, personal characteristics, expectations, self concept)
11. What will you do if you are not accepted?
(Commitment, a realistic outlook, goals, planning)
12. How will you finance medical school?
(Planning, a realistic outlook)
13. What do you think about socialized medicine/National Health Program/financing medical costs, government intervention in medicine?
(Knowledge of current events in medicine, priorities, future expectations)
14. What specialty do you plan to pursue?
(Planning, motivation, sincerity, outlook)

These questions must exist in most every pre-med advising office across the country. :slight_smile: They are the most “standard” questions asked. If you are interviewing at a medical school which has structured interviews, you can be sure of getting at least a few of these questions. But there are so many more that aren’t on this list.
And, if you are having an interview that is unstructured, you need to be able to confidently navigate those questions which will spontaneously arise as you talk with your interviewer.
Whatever you do, do at least one mock interview with someone who knows enough about the process to give you good feedback. It can be with a pre-med advisor, experienced med student, med faculty, or someone like me. But be sure to do it.