UMDNJ-SOM informed me that they were just waiting on my letters to arrive in order to give me an interview!!!
I cannot stop floating, this is my top choice!!!
Someone give me a brown paper bag to breath into!!

CONGRATULATIONS…I’m sure it is well deserved…good luck!

I’m so happy for you!!!
Good luck and keep us posted!

WOOHOOO!!! We need bigger smilies for moments like this! Go blow them away, baby!

Excellent news!!! Good luck on your interview!

That’s GREAT!!! Best Wishes!!!

Congratulations on the first interview. I’m sure there will be many more to come! Just be yourself and you’ll do fine!

Congratulations, Gabe! Let us know when you will be interviewing so we can send good thought and vibes and prayers your way!

In the infamous words of Homer Simpson… Woo Hoo!!

Keep us posted.


Nail the interview!

That’s fantastic!

How do I tactfully ask my professor to please please please finally send in her letter? I have taken 3 classes with her and my average was a 98 in all three classes. She really likes me.
Everytime I ask if she sent it in, she says yes but the PreMed Advisor says she has nothing from her.

I would just say "Hey - the pre-med advisor said she doesn’t have your letter. I know you said that you had sent it in, so I just wanted to check with you about who/where you sent it to and when you sent it. Perhaps it got mishandled somewhere."
Maybe she did really send it out, but didn’t send it to the pre-med office. Maybe it got lost in the mail. I think as long as you approach her respectfully, she will not be offended.

Can you bring her the envelope, form, and let her put “another copy” of the letter in while you’re there, “just to be sure”? At my campus the form has to come directly from the pre-med office to the faculty, so it can’t be done that way. But maybe you can.

Send her a thank you note and a small box of chocolate to show your appreciation for her efforts. She will then remember that she needs to do it. Worked for me many years ago, Good Luck!

Sorry, but forgot to mention something. I always asked one extra person for a letter of reference. That way, if one forgets or delays, you still get the required number in. And if they all arrive on time, an extra letter never hurts. Good luck again. 73, P

A caveat to Pentsux’s advice: some schools ask you to NAME those who’ll be providing LORs (committees or persons). I know Georgetown did this. Even if you’re providing more than the necessary number, they’ll hold your application if someone you named hasn’t yet sent in the letter. Gack.
Gabe, you just need to say, “Hey, it looks like that letter got lost, can you send it again?” and as someone else suggested, provide the addressed envelope, stamp, etc.

I spoke with my pre med advisor who informed me that this professor had still not submitted her packet. She then told me that she felt I had enough letters, considering that the advisor was also my Enzymology professor I wold have 2 science and 1 non science letter along with 4 others.
So…off they go. My letters should start mailing out today!!! Hopefully, they will arrive by week’s end.

Congratulations Gabe!!

I just visited the school on Friday, 9/23, and it was a great experience and too my surprise it is a great school. I say this because having only traveled to the really undesirable parts of Newark, NJ, I was not even considering this school. Well, after a visit from the dean to my school, I had to find out for myself if his enthusiam for the UMDNJ was just a marketing ploy. Well, to make a long story short, I think you going to really like this place. I mean REALLY LIKE this place. Dean Heinrich and Ms. Lettman are great. And above all else, they are sincere and very passionate about the school, their roles as dean and director of admissions and about the students (both prospective and current). In addition, the students all seem very happy and are very friendly. In almost every part of the campus we visited, students stopped to talk to us about the school and why they chose to go their and that we would like it there very much if we chose to attend. The only complaint about the school was the lack of parking. But you’ll understand why when you get there. I left knowing that I was going to place this school in the top 10 category of the schools I wish to apply. Just as I will not judge a person without getting to know them myself, I will no longer jugde a potential medical school on the basis of an episode of COPS .

Good Luck and Enjoy!!