I just got my first interview invitation. Does anyone have any advice for the interview?

Congratulations! Never been on a med school interview but they are no different than a job interview. Know what you put in your application. Know why you want to be a physician and precisely why that school. Have some questions for them. Relax, have fun, you’re almost in!


What croooz says is spot on.

Know your application inside and out, be able to speak about each experience that you had. If you put in something more for fluff but didn’t have much exposure, be sure you are ready to talk about it.

I put up a top 10 tips post here.

Good luck!

Thank you both so much for the response. I am both excited and very nervous. I will let you know how it goes!!

I for one was really grateful to be older by a lot…think of all the interviews I/we’ve been on! At a certain point it’s just more of the same. Don’t get me wrong, I was nervous, but palpably less so than some of the Youth of Today. Now, I am not a fan of MMI (multiple mini-interview, many 5-min. stations) but that’s another post.

You may not know about SDN’s interview feedback database: Very helpful.