Into Summer Classes

wow sometimes the time really flies, I just checked back at some of my latest posts and my last updates were from two semmesters ago and midterms at that.

So here I am just passing along the good Karma to everyone else.

Last Fall finished Chem I and Physics I got A’s in both and both labs.

This past Spring I completed Chem II and Physics II with A’s in both and both labs again.

Now I am into Summer (6 wks) with Bio I and Lab and so far have A’s in both here at the mid-term point.

So while I may be tooting my own horn, but I just want everyone to know that you can do it!

Fall will bring Bio II and Orgo I with labs, so we are almost through the pre-reqs

This is great! You already started summer courses?? My classes don’t start until June 7th.

Ditto … Mine start on June 7th … congrats on those grades! … I look forward to Gen Chem 2 and Bio 2 that I am taking over the summer … mine are 5 weeks each … That will be a wild ride for sure!

Taking Bio 1 & 2 this summer as well, starting the 7th. Organic in the fall/spring.

  • jimi44 Said:
Taking Bio 1 & 2 this summer as well, starting the 7th. Organic in the fall/spring.

Are you taking both Bio 1 & 2 over the same summer?

Yes, both classes. The summer is broken up into two summer sessions, each six weeks. I’m taking the two biology classes back to back.

I wanted to take BIO I and II with labs over the summer as mine summer is broken up into 1 of 3 options

A and B which are both 6 weeks or C which is all 12 weeks

but they didn’t offer Bio II this summer so that holds off until the Fall and Orgo I then also.

Did get a bit of other good news - I was accepted to FLorida Atlantic University also in the last few days so I will soon be taking classes at the University level working on finishing my BS.

And FAU just got the green light to open their own Med School - so I will keep working and crossing my fingers that I may be able to get into one of their first classes when the time comes.

Keep on Keeping on my fellow non-trads - the goal is out there, keep reaching

ok so the latest update has me going into summer and I just completed the last of my pre-reqs

Finished Orgo 1&2 w/labs and Bio 2 w/lab so now I am off to FAU to finish my BS in Biology

I am glad to have finished the pre-reqs with all A’s and hope to continue the trend now that I am off to University - maybe a few successful semesters there, a study class for the MCAT and maybe just maybe I will be ready to apply!