Intro and ?

Hi, everyone. Another non-trad newbie here. Had no idea there were so many of us.

Read some of the posts and saw that some of you are nurses. I’m a critical care RN, too.

During my undergrad years I did take classes in biology, chemistry, and physics. Some DO colleges I’ve been talking to said they would accept my anatomy and physiology credits as well. But those classes were from 8 years ago, and I graduated with a 3.25 GPA. So, this is pretty much a do-over for me to bring up the GPA and to prep for the MCAT next year.

Awesome to find this forum!

You’ve already found the frequent nurse posts, so you know there are plenty of people here who’ve been in your shoes.

Good luck, and welcome to OPM!

I second Pixie’s post: Welcome to OPM!

I second that second

I second the seconding of the second…

or…would it be I third the first second? Or fourth the original message? Ah, dang it. Nevermind.