Intro volunteer/experience question

Hi all!

I was wanting to read through all of the topics on the forums before bugging y’all. I got as far as page 32 then I decided to click on last and realized that 102 pages was too much.

Anywho… I’m 29 years old and I have a BA in government (poli sci). I currently work as a psych soc worker. Before that I worked in an emergency room as a registration person.

I’ve always wanted to be a doctor but that changed when a CC advisor pretty much laughed in my face after looking at my transcripts. That’s when I changed to poli sci.

When I accepted the job I have now it was understood that I would want to continue in my education and maybe get an MSW. My boss was so supportive even when I disclosed that I had decided to go to medical school, and gave me a flex schedule so I could take classes.

Then IT happened! He left!

The new program head who replaced him is anti-school and will not flex my schedule.

My work is outstanding and all my clients love me, etc. I add this to hint at my work ethic and that I’m not some slacker who barely works.

I recently took a month off for vacation, took a class and ended up meeting another student who recently quit her job. This was like an epiphany for me!

I want to quit my job to continue my pre-reqs and get outstanding grades. So that’s where I’m at now.

My question is does work experience expire? If it takes me 3 years to complete pre-reqs will I have to volunteer at a hospital before applying or do y’all think my experience is more than sufficient?

Work experience does not expire. An experience is an experience. If you can communicate how that experience makes you a better candidate, then it’s still valid.

I’m not entirely certain on what psych social worker does… I mean I can sort of figure it out by the title, but if you have experience with patient contact, which it sounds like you have, then those are definitely pluses for you.

Regarding your last question, it’s always good to keep up the volunteering as you’re going through the process of doing the pre-reqs and applying.

Hope this helps.